Taking snapshots of a section of a PDF document

You can take "snapshots" of important sections of a PDF document, to keep them on your screen for easy reference. This way you don't have to leaf back to the section every time you want to see it.

Your snapshots are kept for easy reference in a table in the Notes pane to the right of the PDF document.

To take a snapshot of a section:

  1. Choose Tools > Text Tool or Tools > Scroll Tool.
  2. Hold the Apple key and click on point or select a region.
  3. A window will pop up displaying the chosen region. If the selected region is small, this will be magnified.

To see all your snapshots:

  1. Choose View > Show Notes Pane, or double-click the divider on the right, if necessary.
  2. Choose View > Snapshots.

You can minimize the window to leave it only in the table. Choose Window > Minimize, hit the Minimize button on the snapshot window, or double-click the item in the Snapshots table.

You can later show the snapshot window again by double-clicking the snapshot in the Snapshot table.

Snapshots are not saved with the PDF document.