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Adding a bookmark to a PDF document
Adding lines to a PDF document
Adding notes and highlights from a separate Skim notes file
Adding notes to a PDF document
Automatically update files for external updates
Automating tasks with AppleScript
Changing the background color
Changing the color for notes and highlights
Changing the color of the reading bar
Changing the font of text notes
Changing the highlighting of Find results
Changing the line or border style for notes
Changing the size of the thumbnails
Check for updates of Skim
Copying notes in a PDF file
Cropping pages of a PDF document
Emailing a PDF file loses notes or highlights
Finding text in a PDF file
Giving a presentation of a PDF document
Highlighting sections of a PDF document
I can't select or copy text in a PDF file
I don't see line art in my PDF document
I don't see notes and highlights in other PDF viewers
Keeping anchored note windows on top
Keeping snapshot windows on top
Magnifying a section of a PDF document
Pasting notes in a PDF file
PDF with fillable forms loses edits to the forms
PDF-TeX synchronization
Resizing the window to fit its contents
Rotating a PDF file or page
Saving notes and highlights as text
Saving notes and highlights to a separate file
Saving PDF and notes in a bundle
Saving PDF files with the notes and highlights included
Saving PDF files without notes and highlights
Scrolling PDF pages
Selecting and copying text in a PDF file
Selecting the page to view in a PDF document
Setting the default view options for a PDF document
Showing the reading bar
Small text is unreadable in my PDF document
Taking snapshots of a section of a PDF document
Text in a PDF appears slowly
The text looks jagged in my PDF document
Viewing page breaks
Viewing pages side-by-side
Viewing PDF documents in full screen
Viewing PDF files
Viewing the table of contents for a PDF file
Zooming in and out